Develop yourself

Do as thousands before you and develop your investing and fundraising skills with Angel Challenge. Joining the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the Nordics, hand in hand with experienced investors and founders.

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Invest in the startups of tomorrow

We have all read stories about investors making fortunes and glory from investing in startups. It might seem easy, but building a profitable startup investment portfolio is hard work. And to win you need the right network, skills and access to dealflow.

Join an Angel Challenge program like 360+ investor before you develop your investment skills, meet promising startups, and take your share of this fast growing asset class.


Take the structured approach to fundraising

You know your startups needs funding, but how do you get there? Where should you start, who should you ask, what process should you follow?

Join Angel Challenge with your startup to get the skills, process and investor-network you need to take the structured approach to fundraising.

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I strongly believe in the power of letting people meet and share. It takes special human qualities to make this happen, and you guys in Angel Challenge have these qualities
— Grethe Viksaas

This spring you can join programs in