Build your investment deal

Angel Challenge is a training program on deal negotiation and fundraising. You will be exposed to real investors, through discussions, negotiations and building your fundraising deal.

By participating as a startup you get both unique investment training and the possibility of closing your investment round.

Investors join the program with the intention to improve their angel investment skills and invest in at least one of the startups.

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And we’ll support you with


You will train your fundraising skills by taking part in real investor meetings, deal negotiations, due diligence processes and book building.

Gain access to investment best practices, and startup fundraising tools.

Receive feedback from experienced investors, entrepreneurs and startup leaders. 

Connect with the Angel Challenge network of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and community leaders both national and international.

Investment opportunity
3-5 of the participating startups (of the total 12) will go through a due diligence process, draft terms sheet, and get the chance on closing your round.

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If this is you…

• A dedicated team with growth ambitions
• Show some validation in the market
• An early version of a product or service
• A registered company in Norway
• Fundraising ready

Angel Challenge will help your company understand how to navigate the jungle of becoming a Startup. It also provides a network of investors & key people to interact with. So if you’re an early phase company, I implore you to make the choice of participating; it’s a game changer for sure
— Eric Macody Lund, CMO, Accountflow // GC & AC Spring 2019