Angel Challenge has provided training and guidance in business development to investors and startups since it’s beginning in 2015 through the Angel Challenge programs. We have been running 19 Angel Challenge programs in 5 cities in Norway providing training to 360 investors and more than 500 entrepreneurs on perspective and knowledge on startup investing and growing with investments.

We believe in the power of learning by doing, and that investors also need arenas to train, network and share best practice.

We believe that investing is best learned “by investors for investors” and that by bringing the best global investors to the local ecosystems, we can share knowledge to the next generation of investors.

We believe that entrepreneurship is best trained “by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” and has been focused on connecting experienced entrepreneurs sharing their expertise back with new entrepreneurs entering the ecosystem.

We are community builders at heart, and created Angel Challenge to support and strengthen the startup ecosystem. Since 2011 we started Startup Norway and has ever since provided the ecosystem with activities and knowledge to support the next generation of growth entrepreneurs from our regions.

The Angel Challenge team is a mix of entrepreneurs and venture investors with expertise from many aspects of running a startup, investing in startups, and creating engaging training seminars for the startup ecosystem.


The Angel Challenge Team 


Eirik Nerdal

Virginia Vegas

Bjørn Christensen


Maja Adrianesen

Knut Wien


Advisory Board

Anders Lier

Anders Lier

Anniken Fjelberg.png

Anniken Fjelberg

Bjørn Christensen.png

Bjørn Christensen

Helene Jebsen Anker.png

Helene Jebsen Anker

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Kjartan Slette

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Lars Bjørkvoll

Marc Nager.png

Marc Nager

Rikke Høvding.png

Rikke Høvding

Silvija Seres.png

Silvija Seres

Tellef Torleifsson.png

Tellef Torleifsson

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Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen

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Trond Riiber Knudsen