Develop your fundraising skills

You know your startups needs funding, but how do you get there? Where should you start, who should you ask, what process should you follow?

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Take the structured approach to fundraising…

You are running out of cash, or never getting the liquidity you need. You are told that only 2-5% of all startups get the funding they seek, and yet you know that your job and future depends on it.

Fundraising for your startup truly is a touch challenge, but with the right approach, support and skills, this might not be your toughest challenge after all.

Join the next Angel Challenge program in your city and take the structured approach to fundraising.

A program with a steep learning curve! Made a lot of valuable connections, and most importantly got investor ready. Hopefully, we will end up receiving funding through AC, which we did not think would happen so soon! I am super grateful for all new knowledge, experiences and connections gained through the program. Thank you, guys!
— Vilde Bergan, CEO of Costail

The Fundraising Cycle

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1: Prepare for fundraising

Can you send me your growth plans? Have you tested any of the hypothesis behind your financial plan? How are you planning to spend the investment money? Can you send me a link to your DueDiligence data room?

Avoid embarrassing yourself by not answering these and many more questions. Get ready to fundraise and grow by joining the “IN Growth Challenge” as the first 6 weeks of the Fundraising Cycle.

Join the next IN Growth Challenge in your city

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2: Building a deal

I like your pitch - let´s talk…

So you found an investor that want to negotiate, congrats! But now what? What investment instrument should you use? What is your startup really worth? How do you know if the investor is a good fit for you? What should you expect from the investor? What is your fundraising plan?

With the unique 6 week Angel Challenge Program as stage 2 of the cycle, you get to work with real investors and experienced mentors that help you answer all these questions and guide you through the process of building a deal.
When finished, you are ready to attract real investors to take you to the next level.

Apply to the next Angel Challenge in your city

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3: Attracting investors

So you have prepared yourself and your startup to the best of your ability. Not it is time to go out in the real world and attract investors to sign up for the opportunity to invest in your startup and the newly created deal.

With the learnings, connections and investor network you have created through the Angel Challenge Program you should have the best starting position to attract those investors, fill the deal and succeed with your fundraising goals.

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