Develop your investment skills

We have all read stories about investors making fortunes and glory from investing in startups. It might seem easy, but building a profitable startup investment portfolio is hard work. And to succeed you need the right network, skills and access to deal flow.

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So you are interested in startup-investing. Maybe you even have invested in a few startups before. But where do you find more promising startups, how do you build a trusted investor network of likeminded people, and how to you build a long term profitable strategy for your portfolio?

With Angel Challenge you join likeminded investors to share the excitement of startup investing together. Screening for the promising startups, negotiating deals, learn the tools and understand the investment opportunities from the national deal-flow of startups.

Angel Challenge is an exciting program to get in touch with the fast-growing startup community and is caracteristic in that it focuses on both the investors and startups
— Johan Odvar Oddfjell

The Program 

The Angel Challenge Program is a seven weeks training program for investors and startups. 

Through weekly evening sessions, a group of 10+ investors work closely together challenging ambitious startups to become investor ready growth companies. The investors, both experienced and new to startup-investing, set aside 50 000 NOK each upon entering the challenge, aiming to invest together in one or more startups after the program.
During the program they work together in groups, selecting and helping the startups become investor ready, before working with their favorite founders to negotiating terms and building an investable deal.

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