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Develop your fundraising skills

Growth Challenge is a six-week program for early stage companies in Norway with the ambition to grow and expand their business. The program covers the main pillars for growing a company and is designed to develop your practical skills on startup growth and fundraising. Innovation Norway and Angel Challenge has partnered up to support more Norwegian founders with skills and experience on how to build strong international growth companies, and attracting investors to the startups.

IN Growth Challenge is the first stage in the Angel Challenge fundraising cycle. You will develop a structured approach to fundraising for your startup, build an investor ready deal and attract investors.


February - April 2019

Day: TBA from 11.00 to 16.00


You will learn by doing


Pitching is the art of selling your company and yourself. Learn how to master the art of communication to investors correctly.

Costumer Acquisition by finding the right product-market fit, understand the customer journey and get introduced to techniques for scalable growth hacking. 

KPI and Metrics are the tools you need to start tracking the correct data to reach your ambitions and lay the base for sustainable growth.

Investment processes will prepare for your upcoming due diligence process by not only being ready when interest from investors is established, but also have an understanding of term sheets, financial plan and the importance of your cap table and IP.



And we’ll support you with


Traction through guidance on how to grow your company by actually building and testing your own growth strategy, sales funnel, metrics optimisation and fundraising plan.

Resources and access to valuable products, resources, best practices, and startup tools. 

Mentorship through individual follow up and feedback from experienced investors, entrepreneurs and startup leaders. 

Network and connections within the Angel Challenge network of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and community leaders both national and international.


If this is you…

- Founder/team with growth ambitions
- Have an MVP or prototype
- Registered company in Norway
- Committed to attend sessions once a week
- Willing to share experiences and learnings


* This program is free, covered by Innovation Norway